Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Alpha and the Omega

Christ Our Teacher

MY SUNDAY REFLECTION: "The One who sat on the throne said,
“Behold, I make all things new.” - From the Book of the Apocalypse 21:5a.

In the Bible Jesus is said to be the Alpha and the Omega. He said that he is the apha and the omega (the first and last of the Greek alphabet). Why did he say that he is the alpha and the omega? For want of a language to express eternity and an era without time, Our Lord use the alphabet to denote the cyclic and transcendent nature of eternity. We physical creatures count times by numbers, but eternity has no numbers, it has no past and no future, it is an ever present reality. Sometimes we need to gain a grasp of this truth even just for a little. In another scripture God said that a thousand years is just as one day with the Lord. That is another idiomatic expression to denote that reality and truth is transcendent. Understanding this truth will help us understand the values of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Why did Jesus say that it is blessed to suffer? Why did the Bible admonished us to be patient, to suffer and to sacrifice? Why did the saints willingly suffer martyrdom? Because they know that this physical life we have is not permanent. The goals that we set in life are not permanent. It is all fleeting. Like water held by the palms of the hand, they vanished in an instant. But He that trusts in the Lord realizes that the end of his or her life is to be in communion with the Lord. This is what the theologians call, the beatific vision. The unbelieving will never perceive this and would even doubt if such a promise or reality ever exists. But then Jesus said, no one can come to God our Father unless the Spirit of the Father draws us in. May God give us the grace to be drawn closer to Him and may we realize that the reality of Jesus Christ is the reality of God within us. Th promise of the Emmanuel. Amen.