Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christ is King

SI CRISTO ANG HADE. Christ is King. It is interesting that the end of the Liturgical Calendar is celebrated as the solemnity of Christ the King. Just as the whole year of liturgical observances are meant to dramatize and bring to life the history of salvation and our relatio
nship with God and the Church, we are reminded that in the end of the journey it is the Kingship of Christ that must be recognize both in our personal lives and from the point of view of eschatology.

The gospel reading this Sunday reminds us of the narrative how Pontius Pilate the Roman Procurator of Judea asked Jesus whether he was the king of the Jews. Pilate understood kingship from the material and physical point of view. On this earth Kings and potentates are served but Christ being King came to serve and to love. Christ kingdom is not of this world. That is why Christ was never drawn into the political controversies of his time. Especially at a time when the Jews looked upon the Messiah from a political point of view. The Messiah as someone who would liberate the entire Jewish nation and would liberate the Nation of Israel from the yoke of Rome. But they were sadly disappointed because Christ never fitted into any of their paradigms.

How sad, that the people of His time never saw the light. The truth was providentially hidden from their eyes. That is why Pilate being a gentile was prompted to ask Jesus, albeit in a sarcastic way, "What is truth?" Today that is what people are asking, what is truth? Everyday we pray the Lord's prayer and we pray for the coming of His Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is here now in hope and in the future in reality. Christ did not promise an earthly Kingdom. It is not the kingdom promised by the false ideas of Liberation Theology. Christ never meddled in the political system of this world. For he knew and we should also know that this world has been judged. That is why St. Paul admonished us never to be conformed to this world, but be transformed from the innermost part of our mind. We should experience metanoia, the innermost transformation with Christ as ou example. This world is a passing and dying world. How urgent is the call that we lived our lives in simplicity and in love. We should never think that this world is forever. We have a higher calling and we need to set our eyes to that goal.

To be a Christian is to seek to know Jesus Christ, to love him, to obey him and be conformed to him. For this is the only way to salvation and no one else. Let us not delude ourselves from the false view of false belief that all will be saved. The only way is Jesus the Son of God.

Long live the King! Christ is King!