Saturday, September 8, 2012


Let us pray for a safe journey for Pope Benedict XVI to Lebanon on September 14-16, 2012


I DON'T THINK THAT the Roman Catholic Church is outdated.  This is because the doctrine of God does not change.  We are called as well as other humans to adjust themselves not to changing times but to adapt the changing times to the Doctrines of God.  The Church should not open its doors to worldly influences.  Rather the church should dared to be different.  As Christ said that we are suppose to be the salt of the earth.  We are suppose to give flavor to a world otherwise deadened by sins.  Many of our doctrines are now under attack by the world such as the teachings on life, death and sexuality.  The church is made to appear obsolete and there is the constant pressure to accede to worldly/sinful influences. But as Christians we should dare to be different, we should dare to be unpopular.  Christ our master was never popular during His earthly days.  He was even crucified and reviled by the world.  Even His disciples abandoned Him.  This is the reason why Bishops have crosses hanging on their chests.  Crosses without the corpus because in that cross the Bishop like his master should be ready to be crucified on account of the Gospel.  We too lay members are suppose to carry our cross.  Hence we are labelled as outdated, so let it be.  We should be willing to carry our cross.  This is the path to eternal life.  Only few finds it.